Friday, February 17, 2012

some of your questions answered

hello folks greetings... On my blog today I was actually thinking about a few things some people have asked me over the past week a series of questions that I think I should answer..

1. Why do a lot of paranormal researchers say that batteries will die when their on cases?

A.this is a common thing with paranormal research something we've learned happens every single case practically.. Our theory is that the dead used electric out of a person's chemical batteries in order to give us a sign... Right after a battery is completely drained we have noticed that there is a very strong EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) we want to have you understand why the dead would do this.. The answer is very simple they're trying to make a statement they're trying to tell us something but they're so weak that they don't know what else to do so out of desperation they go after the one thing that can recharge them and give them an opportunity to speak... it happens to be our it annoying?...

 yes it can be.... especially when you change a digital recorder's battery when you first start the case and 10 min. later the batteries completely dead... useless...this is why we carry so many batteries for our digital recorders and digital recorders die so quickly because of the interference from them... But it's all right we understand that they're trying to make a statement you can't get mad at them for doing so you can only bless them and hope that they've gotten their point across...

2. Someone asked me this week...( I really would like to go to a haunted location but I'm too scared to how do you get over your fear? )

A. to be completely truthful and honest you never get over the fear... It stays with you for the remainder of your cases.. You never know what the dead is going to do especially the situation when you're by yourself in a room... What's the way to counteract this talk to them like they're standing right in front of you... Most ghosts/spirits just want to talk they're not there to hurt you... There are occasional times where a spirit is very angry and takes their aggression out on a person this is normal but you also have to understand their state of mind they been imprisoned in the outer world and no one can see them or hear them but yet they still remain...the question becomes what would you do to get someone's attention?... In many cases they get our attention by throwing objects... Draining batteries... Whispering in our ears... Even grabbing our hands..( that is especially shaking when you have a spirit of the child grab your hand ) I think the best way to get over your fears by facing your fear and in overcoming it you learn to face that fear head on.... But that's just my advice that's how I face my fear every day

3. What you guys do as a hobby when you're not out on a case?

A. I myself am huge video game nut been playing video games since I was five years old... Whenever I have free time and am not doing EVP analysis I'm always playing a game or thinking about it... I also just recently upgraded to the new Motorola droid razor so that'll keep me quite busy...

4. This question I thought was funny... I noticed you like to give information on your EVP's is there a reason you do this?

A. absolutely a lot of EVP videos are just straight to the point EVP videos I wanted them to be a little entertaining... What's the point in watching a video if you don't learn about something and don't have a good time watching the video at all... This is why I spent over two hours on a particular video to make it entertaining but at the same time make it something worth watching.. I Dale have been doing the videos on the  EVP page since very beginning I've learned alot tricks about the EVP videos... what looks cool and what does not lol  and if you look at some the very early videos I kind of didn't know what I was doing I was just a dude doing videos and having no clue how to work the whole process ... So videos are a little off at the beginning... I greatly apologize I had no clue how to edit video its something I've had to work...

5. do you guys have an android app?

A. currently we are working on it... It has to be approved first before it can actually be broadcast... our app will be a free app you be able to download...I worked a lot of hours on the actual app itself whenever I got time to working on the app for probably about a year or so when it is available I will be posting it on Facebook so you all will be able to grab the app from the marketplace... Hopefully after it's approved you guys can give me feedback on what to change and how to make the app much better...which I welcome all feedback

Well I thank you all for your questions since last blog feel free to check out our electronic voice phenomenon page on YouTube.... And you remember something... If you had an opportunity to say goodbye to someone you love.. Would you take that opportunity?.. Even if it meant destroying your family?... Or maybe losing your job?.. How far would you be willing to go?... It's words to really truly think about.... what would happen if you had an opportunity to say goodbye to someone who has passed?

remember the dead are not silent
they have a voice
they want you to hear it

The dead can speak

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