Friday, June 17, 2011

My Paranormal Chronicle

Hello all welcome to my blog on the new site ...since this is my first blog ever i really wanted to talk about me,my life,and the future i see

 This first blog is going to be two parts , two different subjects if you will...

My name is Dale Vokurka founder of M.O.P.R.S. (Mentor Ohio Paranormal Research Society)
I grew up in mentor , like most of the kids in mentor high a tried to find my way in school and ended up being left out of many things ,my life to this point has been a amazing adventure(and I just started the the 2nd half!)  to all of you who don’t know who I am and why I do what I do let me give you some info about me and a little on what I have seen in my short life ,I grew up near Mentor Ave living day by day seeing things I never really understood .
My first paranormal experience came when I was 10 years old when i was 10 my brother was driving me back home from a friends house and it was dark and as he turned to the right i saw a guy with a white shirt and blue jeans as we passed him i looked in the side mirror and saw blood all over his shirt and front pants and yelled to my brother (bro you see that? he said see what? and told him what i saw so he turned around and we went about a mile down the road and he was gone ...........two days later..................... i came up stairs from my room and heard my mom and brother talking (mom i am telling you he saw that guy that guy that died two days ago) my mom told him to shut up and never speak about it to me.

a week pasted and i found out one of my friends had a brother a 27 year old who died near where i saw that man he died after his car flipped over and he died 75 feet from where my brother turned if my brother would have gone straight instead of making a right turn we would have found his body

i was told when i turned 21 by the same friend whose brother died when the police found him he was covered from head to toe with blood and he was wearing a white shirt and blue jeans i told my friend what i saw that night he told me i was not the only one who saw him that night

two other drivers saw that same man walking down the road stopped to help him and he disappeared as they stopped

to this day i still can not get over what i saw.................................................................

1 was that his way of trying to get help?
2 was i just seeing things?

makes me think all the time , for years I thought I had gone mad or was crazy. That all changed in 2001 when a close friend told me he was joining a paranormal group
Near Zanesville Ohio, he let me listen to my first paranormal recording called E.V.P. it stands for  Electronic voice phenomena what it means is you can record voices by asking questions and the dead talk back (no I am not crazy) if you have seen any ghost show on TV its what we do...
we talk to the dead,try to understand,and then try to help anyone who needs it 
i knew when i took this paranormal job...i would meet some wonderful people 
and i hope many more to come.......

ok so now to part two of my blog (lol)
Every home I visit has a story, every person has a history,
and every time I help someone understand someone who has passed on to the other side the more peace I have Knowing a job well done .
I have seen many things some good ,some bad ,but all have one thing  all the dead want is for you to understand 3 things 

These are the biggest things i have learned from being a ghost hunter....

 i tell people who ask me why us ?or why me? Why are they in my home? 

Think of it this way… one moment you are full of life, happy, enjoying the moments you have with family and friends, and you wake up cold, and you see people walking around and one sees you, to them you are nothing more than a memory, as the years pass you see your children grow and move away and you stay right where you are ,untouched ,unchained, unknown.
Ask yourself one question?... if you saw a person in your home and you never knew them in life , what would you do? 

That’s a question we as paranormal researchers have been asking since the very start of the adventure..................

2nd they are there till they tell you what they need to leave..............most of the time just them talking  gives them peace of mind to move to the other side.....this means they will leave your home and never come back...but there are rare cases where they love the place so much they are unwilling to leave ...............

3rd ghosts only hurt most people who are not listening ,or don’t think that ghosts are real......................

and then that person ends up getting ,punched, kicked, or in some case gets scars from marks left over  i have alot of scars for both the living and the dead...


If you had told me back in 2000 if I would be doing paranormal research I would have looked at you and would have been like (Yeah right) not in a million years would I think I would be writing a paranormal blog, but after thinking about it I come to understand that Mentor has a lot of history and the more times I investigate mentor for paranormal the more I understand that history.
Its our history we must always remember ,it shapes our lives and the futures of our children
By remembering the past we remember not to repeat our mess ups or mistakes
This is the gift we hand to our children ,  
Well I hope you like my first blog so far and thanks for reading and please feel free to contact me with any questions at
Till next time stay safe out there and many blessing to you and yours

and due please remember something.....

The Dead Can Speak...

Dale Vokurka (M.O.P.R.S.)